Historians on Call (HoC), a project of Historians for Peace and Democracy (HPAD), is a national network of historians organized to defeat right wing attacks on honest history and those who teach it. Our intention is to assist historians from across the country to use their credentials to counter right wing lies in the school boards and in the press. Working with allies and partners like the Zinn Educational Project (ZEP), HoC aims to give K-12 teachers, librarians, archivists, and history students the support, connections and resources they need to effectively fight for their right to teach and learn the truth. 

Some examples of opportunities to provide support include:

  • Weigh in on proposed new or amended social studies standards
  • Meet with or talk to local social studies coordinators, high school teachers, and educational administrators
  • Pay attention to local school board elections, vote, and encourage colleagues to vote
  • Write op-eds and letters to the editor or meet with newspaper editorial boards to explain the impact of legislation censoring historical education

Historians-on-Call looks to connect historians with local struggles and opportunities to support educators. To date, more than 80 historians have signed up from Arizona, California, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and other states.

If you are a professional historian, we invite you to join Historians-on-Call.

If you work in a school district that can use the voice or expertise of a historian to defend the teaching of people’s history, email us at the link above!